A Website Renovation

No matter what your reason, it might be easier – and less costly – than you think to give your website a renewal!

You may have concluded that your company’s website just isn’t bringing in the business like it used to.

Perhaps you realize that it’s looking dated or worn and needs a bit of a refresh.

It might be that a website reno project is more of a necessity because its visitors can’t properly view and navigate it on a smartphone or tablet computer.

Sadly, you might have invested thousands of dollars on that website just a few years ago and expected it to remain fresh-looking and fully-functional. But the online world relentlessly advances. Expectations get higher and your competitors have developed gorgeous new websites that make yours look and feel like a Chrysler K-Car!

Regardless of the reasons, Websmithian can take your tired and dog-eared website and totally renovate it from top to bottom — or just a little. And it can be done for probably a lot less cost than you anticipate.

The best thing about renovating a website is that much of the work is already complete. The copy you’ve written may only need a bit of polishing and updating. The customer testimonials and FAQs are all still valid, but perhaps they just need to be presented in a more modern and engaging way. Maybe even the photos you’ve used on the site are still representative of your product and service and can be reused in a new website.

In summary, much of the content of your current site can be recycled. It might just need to be reformatted or reimagined in a new layout and design.

Some of the ways Websmithian might update your website are:

  • Alter the website’s pages so that they are “responsive.” This is a term that websmiths use to describe a website that can be viewed and easily used on any computing device: desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. With mobile devices now being used in over 40% of the world’s web browsing, every business really needs a website that’ll do this! An additional benefit is that your not-mobile-friendly website will no longer be downgraded in Google rankings.
  • Replace outdated photographs so that they reflect a more recent representation of your business. These could be pictures that you’ve captured or high-quality, high-resolution images from a stock photo supplier.
  • Update graphic elements, such as icons, lines, backgrounds, and diagrams to make your website look and feel more modern.
  • Introduce new corporate colours and/or branding to the website to enhance and coordinate your corporate image.
  • Add animation effects to make your website more engaging, entertaining, and memorable.
  • Add a customer contact or enquiry form that does more than simply capture a name and phone number. Perhaps the form can have fields to check-off or fill in, providing you with more up-front information before you respond to your prospects.
  • Reorganize your website’s structure and menu system to make it more logical and easier for visitors to find the information they’re looking for.
  • Collect visitor info so you can put them on your mailing list (virtual or snail mail).
  • Add customer testimonials to instantly gain the trust of website visitors and business prospects. Testimonials put the spotlight on your customers and their experiences with your business and relate directly to new prospects when building your brand’s products and services.
  • Fix the spelling and/or grammatical errors in your current website that have been driving you – and your website’s picky visitors – crazy!
  • Ensure that your renovated website is running snappy-fast. Slow-loading websites – especially in competitive markets – send impatient visitors to your competitors.
  • Implement some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to your rejuvenated website. Are people finding you on the internet using the search terms you are set up for?

Of course, any renovation project we undertake will not be directly to your current website! (Unlike living through a kitchen renovation!) We will make a copy of your website and do the work to it in a dark, out-of-the-way corner of the internet where only you can find it. Once it’s ready to go, we’ll simply drop it into the place where your current website is located. There, the world can “ooh” and “aah” at your new creation and you can look forward to happier website visitors and the prospect of your renovated website contributing positively to the bottom line of your enterprise.

Contact Websmithian for an assessment of your current website and a detailed proposal for renovating it.

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