Best Tools and Practices

A carpenter who uses dull, bent, or obsolete tools cannot expect to make nearly as nice a piece of furniture as one who has sharp, accurate, and modern tools. They also can’t expect to make that table any more quickly.

Similarly, websites are built using a variety of software tools. Many of them are free and some of them have even been crafted by the websmith – if he or she has the ability to make them. Most of the best website-building tools come at a cost because they’re intended for people like me — websmiths who know that the investment in the proper tool will pay dividends in the long run. That’s because the professional web designer will be able to quickly and skillfully develop a website far more quickly and that functions better than an amateur could.

Each year I invest hundreds of dollars in better website-building tools and educational courses that vastly increase my overall efficiency and allow me to craft a superior product for my clients. I employ the best tools and practices available. Everyone who uses my services benefits from this higher level of productivity, often giving me the opportunity to do my building tasks in half the time – or less – than other less-equipped websmiths.

And that's nothing compared to what I can do!