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Best website designer in Spruce Grove?

Some of my clients say that I’m the best website designer in Spruce Grove! That’s very nice of them to say. I’m not sure it’s the truth, but I’d like to think it is! These days, designing and building websites is a lot more than it use to be. Back in the old days (the dawn of the Internet – the early 1990s) most websites were simply “online brochures” or “online billboards.” They were static and simply heralded a company or organization’s purpose and benefits. Oddly, many websites in the past – including those of my career business – didn’t even have the name of the business embedded into the domain name. So, your company may have been called “Acme Widgets” but your website might have been named “”. These days, designing and building websites involves more than just erecting an internet-based brochure. Website building has become a full-fledged marketing project that eventually needs to align perfectly with the organization’s branding, purpose, reputation – and a host of other criteria. Being the best website designer in Spruce Grove now means that one has to have a high sense of design and esthetics. But it also means the designer has to be fully cognizant of other important aspects of website design that have nothing to do with how it looks and functions! Underneath all of that beautiful and user-friendly design lies a whole batch of smart under-the-hood tinkering that affects a number of website aspects:
  • Loading Speed Websites that don’t load quickly – no matter if the device is a desktop computer or smartphone – don’t do well. In fact, statistically speaking, many users will abandon a website if it’s home page hasn’t loaded in three seconds or less. There are a myriad of things that affect website loading speed. “The best website designer in Spruce Grove” will see to it that as many of them are implemented as possible! Want more info? One of the pages of the Websmithian website is totally dedicated to the subject of website loading speed.
  • Keywords Enterprises and organizations that want their websites to be found know what keywords to use. Sometimes, these are not all that obvious. Many tools are at Websmithian’s disposal to search for and analyze not only the obvious ones, but also those that are somewhat hidden. Strategies that use keywords (which are really combinations of two or more words that become a phrase) that have relatively high competition are often not nearly as successful as those that aren’t as competitive.
  • Responsiveness When used in the context of website design, this word actually indicates just how well your website displays and functions on a small-screened device. A decade ago, everyone designed websites based on a relatively large desktop computer screen. Now, with half the world accessing websites via smartphones and tablet computers, websites need to dynamically adjust accordingly. In reality, a highly-responsive website is one that has actually been designed and tested to automatically reformat itself depending upon whether it senses a full (desktop or laptop) screen, tablet screen, or smartphone screen.
  • Secure There are tens of thousands of broken people all over the planet who would like nothing more than to break your website – even for fun! (What they actually gain from doing this and the reasons why are for someone a lot smarter than me!) But being the best website designer in Spruce Grove means that I have to know how to totally lock down a website and keep it safe from intruders. In this situation, I use a number of traditional methods, mostly involving regular software upgrades, to combat infiltrators. I prefer, however, to have all of my Websmithian clients subscribe to my special high-speed and ultra-secure website hosting. It’s like no other in the world. Contact me to learn how I can literally make your website unbreakable, from a security standpoint.
Yes, being in the website-building business isn’t what it used to be! Rest assured that I, Websmithian, is always on the leading edge of site design. That is, not only delivering exquisite websites to my clientele, but also sites that are fast, secure, easy-to-find, and mobile-friendly. In the spirit of full disclosure – and with some admitted bragging – please note that I wrote this article about myself as a bit of an experiment. I wanted to determine if, when properly using the longtail keyword “best website designer in Spruce Grove,” I could make this page rise to the top of the Google rankings. And it pretty well did! That’s probably how you got to this page. This proves that, using the proper SEO strategies and by finding some nice longtail keywords that aren’t all that popular, one can get their business’ listing up in the rankings. I admit that it would have been significantly more polite to place the previous paragraph at the beginning of this blog post. However, had I done that, the longtail keyword I was using wouldn’t have appeared in the first paragraph and, therefore, wouldn’t have been as highly-weighted by Google! Sorry about that.

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