Edmonton-Area Website Designer and Consultant

Edmonton-Area Website Designer and Consultant

Your business or organization needs to attain a superior online presence —
because a website that the world can’t find or that doesn’t rise above its competitors is a waste of effort and money.

Your website must be purpose-driven and go beyond being just an “online brochure.”

Those are the kind of websites I design and build.

And to every project, I add a lifetime of self-employed business experience.

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I’ve been crafting high-performance websites since the dawn of the internet.

May I have the opportunity to work with you on your website design project?

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The best websites are intuitive and make their visitors feel totally in control of the process — a planned process that’s part of the website’s design.

Many businesspeople underestimate what a good website can do for them.
Those who consider them as just “online brochures” are missing out on big opportunities.

Building websites has become much easier — yet much more complicated.
That’s because what’s running behind the website is as important as what visitors read and see.

When people want to check out your business or organization, they don’t first go to your Facebook or Instagram page or read your Twitter feed.
They go to your website.

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Why I Have the Word “Consulting” in My Business Name

Back in the early days of the internet, the folks who designed websites were commonly craftspeople; graphic artists and the like who branched out into the website world. Their primary goal was to design and create something that looked nice and primarily copied brochures and other printed materials.

These days, when you look a website you’re only seeing half the work. The rest involves a lot of UX (user experience) design and the implementation of, among other things, sufficient SEO (search engine optimization) to have your website found on Google and Bing. A high-performance website—the type I design and build—does more than just function as an online brochure.

The reason I added that word to my business name underscores the fact that you’re getting something extra with a Websmithian website and it’ll be more than just good-looking. It takes six months or more for a new website to prove its worth by driving more leads to your business. Getting it done properly the first time is better than finding out a half a year from now that all you got was something nice to look at.

One last thing about billing myself as a consultant: If you’ve engaged a craftsperson to do something for you, they’ll be doing whatever you want. A consultant will tell you what you need. What’s ultimately better for the viability and longevity of your business?

Websmithian welcomes clients from Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Parkland County, Alberta, Canada
— and the rest of the English-speaking world!

And that's nothing compared to what I can do!