Prospective Client Questionnaire

Thank you for considering Websmithian to design and build your next website!

The point of this questionnaire is to learn more about your needs, expectations, and current situation. I consider the information you’re providing to be confidential and it will be used only for generating a proposal for you.

There are many questions here and much information is required — but it’s all necessary to develop as accurate a quote as possible. To help you get through it as quickly as possible, many of the questions simply have standard choices for you to indicate. All might require a bit of thought. But if you already have a fairly clear concept of your new website, it shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes.

A few of the fields are optional, but only if the information is not necessarily required by me.

I appreciate you investing the time and thought into this mutually-beneficial chore and optimistically look forward to crafting a high-performance website for your business or organization.



Prospective Client Questionnaire

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