Website Development Client Intake Form

Thank you for putting your trust in Websmithian to design and build your new website! I look forward to working with you towards developing a most exquisite and functional new website.

Website design and development is a collaborative process and needs your input at all stages — especially at the outset. Keep in mind that we’ll be designing your new site primarily for the needs of its visitors and your customers, not for you. I’ll create the structure, but I expect you or a third party to provide most of the written content. The faster that usable media comes to me, the faster your new website will be finished!

Please complete this intake form so that I can gather much of the information I must have to begin “smithing” your new site. Some fields on the form are absolutely required to be filled out – but completing them now saves all of us time and bother in the future!

Don’t worry about sending me media and content just yet – we’ll get that figured out soon.

I appreciate you investing the time and thought into this mutually beneficial chore and optimistically look forward to crafting a high-performance website for your business or organization.


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  • There are five tabs in the questionnaire. Just click on them to move through the five “pages” of the form.
  • There is a “Save” button at the bottom of each page. Clicking this button will save a copy of the form, allowing you to return to editing the form at a later time without losing the information you’ve already entered. You must do this using the same computer!

Client Intake Questionnaire

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